• 700 Series

    Lakeshore Living Stoney Creek Beachcomber 700

    The 700 Series hot tub line sets the benchmark of product excellence to its highest level. Top options, included features and our exclusive contoured, flexible seating arrangements make a 700 series hot tub our highest achievement in expertise and design in our 35 years.
  • 500 Series

    The 500 Series hot tub line offers the ultimate expression of the Beachcomber philosophy, with simplicity in form, fit and function. With a spacious 580 hot tub down to a hot tub for two like the 520, there's something for every buyer.

  • 300 Series

    The 300 Series hot tub line gives the first time hot tub buyer the very best of Beachcomber's standard features. From our most spacious dimension in the 380 through to our least expensive, round 321 model, you get the same high quality and guarantee no matter which model you choose.

  • Energy

    A hybrid edition hot tub gives you the maximum with the lowest energy use and cost.

    ECO REBATE $3,339. Ask us for details..

  • Water Care & Services

    Use genuine Beachcomber parts for the best performance in your Beachcomber Hot Tub. We bring you the highest quality, best performing replacement parts built specially for your hot tub. Ask for Beachcomber by name!

  • Guarantee

    Beachcomber has a better idea. We protect you with a guarantee. We build a worry-free spa, and we back it up with a 100 percent worry-free guarantee. The Beachcomber guarantee contains no fine print. It's simple, straight-forward and water-tight; if anything goes wrong and we're to blame, we fix or replace your spa at our expense.